Tokenization & Listing

Metex can increase your liquidity by fractionalising high-value assets, and tokenizing them through distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Tokenizing high-value assets such as precious metals or resources will bring in high-volume liquidity. It will help investors with efficient buying and selling of assets. There is also a quick conversion of asset values into money.

Investors can view assets under sale, the number of shares, the value of assets, appreciation, and other financials. Investors will go through the KYC process and invested tokens can be traded with other potential investors on the Metex exchange.

  • Tokenization allows fractional ownership where you can split the value of shares and also split ownership. This helps to sell the entire asset or transfer part of the ownership.
  • Tokenization does not have geographical barriers and owners can access investors around the world, which greatly expands business opportunities.
  • Tokenization enables quick and efficient peer-peer transactions and provides provenance, immutability, transparency, and traceability.

With new metal asset classes and a highly secure, peer-to-peer exchange, Metex offers an efficient, low-latency trading and investment environment.

Mining resource owners are afforded a flexible, capital-efficient non-dilutive funding model called Asset Monetisation, which is efficient, transparent, and designed to include both investor and producer protections.

Metex provides solutions that include a variable discount model, robust onboarding, due diligence, and continuous reporting.

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