About Us


Metex is an Australian registered company focused on building an ecosystem around the tokenization and trade of precious metals. Blockchain innovation has the power to disrupt traditional metals trading and make precious metals accessible to everyone. Metex is leveraging innovations in the blockchain space to help reduce the complexities and costs usually associated with trading precious metals.

Metals Exchange

Metex is proud to launch a new global exchange platform for metal backed tokens. Open to all full reserve metal backed tokens, this global metals exchange challenges the traditional metals trading industry and aims to develop a more competitive and fair trading environment.

The Metex Global Metals Exchange brings retail investors the ability to buy, sell and trade the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, stable coins and tokenized precious metals. In a simple to use platform, users are able to buy and trade through our online platform using multiple cryptocurrency and fiat pairings in the near future.

Metex Website www.metex.exchange

Metex Global Metals Exchange www.app.metex.exchange

Our Tokens

Through the power of inventory Metex provides widespread access to metals ownership, otherwise out of reach to everyday retail investors. Metex handles all of the heavy lifting, taking care of the security and storage of precious and base metals. We believe mitigating the barriers of entry into these traditional markets is important and through blockchain technology we’re excited to provide this access to our users.

Metex currently manages the blockchain minting process and physical metal storage for both Platinum (MxPt) and Palladium (MxPd) tokens. These two Metex tokens are available for trade on the Metex Global Metals Exchange, alongside other tokens such as Gold and Silver.

Fully Audited

Metex metal tokens are 1:1 backed by their physical counterparts. These physical assets are stored in a secure, offsite, commercial grade storage facilities and are subject to 24-hour personal security by some of the worlds most advanced surveillance systems. Routine inspection and third party published audits maintain a level of transparency and peace of mind for users of the Metex tokens.

Vaulted & Insured

Token holders of both Metex Platinum (MxPt) and Metex Palladium (MxPd) should rest assured knowing that in addition to highly secure storage, physical vaulted metals representing MxPt and MxPd tokens are fully insured.

Our Team

Andrew Sassi

Director - CEO

Andrew has extensive experience in financial and capital markets, including major system implementation in investment banking and government treasury roles. With over 20 years experience initially in funds management followed by a successful career in stockbroking, Andrew has consulted and advised on numerous capital raisings across various industry sectors.This was complemented earlier by a background in technology system implementations with Global Private Investment Banks and Treasury Departments within public sector and government treasury bodies.

With the emergence of the digital asset universe, which Andrew has followed closely, he is committed to supporting and demonstrating the innovative technology of the Metex Metals Exchange.

Brett Wilkins-Byrd

Director, Compliance and IT Operations

Brett has over 20 years' experience integrating software and online services for supporting integrated business management and digital commerce. Brett has extensive experience in compliance systems and various compliance audit roles. He has extensive experience across various online platforms and software solutions to improve business services including developing interactive training and education materials.

This has evolved into a broad skill set integrating systems to gain best advantage from software and the internet when delivering business services.

Director & CFO Domenic Virgara


Mr Virgara is a qualified CPA by profession and has been a high-performing recruitment Director and CFO, with the Clements Group (now Hoban Recruitment) for over 20 years before starting up Techforce. During his tenure, Dom provided strategic, financial, and marketing guidance for his companies. He brings strong financial discipline to the role.

Chairman and Director Elect, Frank Favretto

Venice Capital

Frank Favretto is a former Chartered Accountant with 35 years experience in Investment Banking. Seven of those years were with Bankers Trust Australia as a Director and Executive Vice President. Frank has also founded, developed and launched a number of start-up companies including eBet Limited & H2OX Water Exchange- eBet was acquired by Tabcorp. Frank's responsibilities include company strategy and corporate governance.

Legal Advisory – Counsel, Vincent Scopelliti

LKA Group

Vince Scopelliti has developed a successful growing business over 30 that focuses on delivering quality information and support to many important business sectors. Vince’s focus on quality has grown LKA into a full-service investigation organisation with six offices in Australia and a specialist global investigations unit.

Vincent brings innovation, leadership skills, legal skills, operational management skills, corporate governance skills, and workplace management skills to Metex.

IT Management and Strategy, Bill Angelidis


Bill Angelidis is the CEO of Asta and brings in a wealth of skills and experience in e-commerce platform management, strategic decision-making, IT implementation, and development. Bill manages all IT-related and digital platform aspects of METEX and provides blockchain and product strategy support.

Business Advisory and Accounting, Brett Daley

Venice Capital

Brett Daley with 35 years' experience as CFO in a number of major companies including minerals and mining. Brett is responsible for providing financial advice to Metex on accounting, financial, regulatory
and reporting aspects. Brett is also co-secretary for the company.

Corporate Banking, Fadi Kassis

Forte Securities

Founder of Forte Securities, a global interdealer broker with headquarters in the United Kingdom. With clients spanning the major capital markets centres, Fadi brings a wealth of banking and capital markets expertise to the team.

Software Engineer, Daniel Montoya


Daniel has an extensive IT career ranging from mobile application development to blockchain-powered ecosystems and building cryptocurrency exchanges.
Daniel also has skills in Smart Contracts, DevOps, Systems Architecture, Business Analysis and is an experienced programmer in JavaScript, NodeJS, Web3, C#, .NET, Swift, Java, Solidity, SQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes.

Marketing Consultant, Tim Pearce


Tim Pearce has 30 years experience working direct for clients and agencies in the UK and Australia. He has created communications strategies that connect across digital, print and broadcast for boutique brands through to large government campaigns.

Brand and UX, Sam Pearce


Sam Pearce has been designing brands for digital platforms for over 20 years. He specialises in creating content and interfaces that enhance user experiences and create easy-to-transact platforms.