Exchange Listings

METEX welcomes the addition of new tokens on its Global Metal Exchange, as long as the token is a full reserve metal backed token. If you would like to apply please use this form to initiate discussion.

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Investment Opportunities

METEX is a registered Australian Company pioneering the global trade and democratization of tokenized metal tokens. If you would like discuss investment opportunities and/or partnerships with METEX please email [email protected]

Please note that METEX do not currently have plans to conduct any blockchain based crowdfunding events.

Current Partnerships

Bullion Dealers

Many traditional metals offers such as pool allocated gold or physical bullion retailers could benefit by migration of some select products onto the blockchain. The METEX Exchange and the METEX team can help you in this transition, modernizing your product offer and allowing greater utility for your customers. METEX is a young and motivated company and always seeks opportunities to grow together with existing operators in the metals industry.


We are pleased to introduce Banxa as partner to give you more deposit options on the Metex Exchange. Banxa provides the widest choice of payment options, both locally and globally. Giving Metex users local currencies and lower rates. In addition to accepting all credit cards, bank transfers and wire payments, Banxa supports national currencies and has worldwide offices providing local support.


We use Sum and Substance (SumSub) streamline your KYC/AML experience into trading fiat currencies with Metex and to give all our clients quicker access to our services, all while minimizing risk to you an Metex. Identification made quick and easy with maximum security.

Asta Solutions

Asta believe every organisation should have access to new opportunities using emerging technology. As a technical services provider, Asta provides the expertise and services that enable the Metex exchange to be a success. Asta also offer Blockchain as a Service, private blockchain platforms, blockchain Proof of Concept prototype development, plus strategic advice on how to use blockchain to transform your business.

Neo Legal

From conception, Metex has benefited from the expert advice of the Neo Legal team. Neo Legal is a firm deeply immersed in existing and innovative technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrency. They pride themselves on being a specialist blockchain law firm, having provided cutting-edge solutions to numerous blockchain companies and projects. This encompasses predominant Australian crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency firms, crypto traders, and DeFi projects.

Frame Creative Digital Marketing

Frame Creative is partnered with Metex to develop our new look and feel. Frame is a nimble, cutting-edge agency that “gets” the age we live in and delivers strategic and beautiful creative across all media, with integrity, service and commitment. Frame has in-house capabilities in strategy development, design & creative communications, digital production, web & mobile app development, photography, spatial design and print production.

Forte Securities

Forte Securities, a global inter dealer broker with headquarters in the United Kingdom. With clients spanning the major capital markets centres, Forte Securities brings a wealth of banking and capital markets expertise to support Metex.

Ainslie Bullion

Ainslie Bullion are Australia’s leading bullion & crypto dealer since 1974 creating audited full reserve tokenised assets made possible by large reserves of vaulted precious metals. The Gold and Silver Standard are the perfect stablecoins to give you access to one of the most efficient and portable methods to buy gold and silver anywhere in the world.