METEX welcomes the addition of new tokens on its Global Metal Exchange, as long as the token is a full reserve metal backed token. If you would like to apply please use this form to initiate discussion.




METEX is a registered Australian Company pioneering the global trade and democratization of tokenized metal tokens. If you would like discuss investment opportunities and/or partnerships with METEX please email [email protected]

Please note that METEX do not currently have plans to conduct any blockchain based crowdfunding events.




Many traditional metals offers such as pool allocated gold or physical bullion retailers could benefit by migration of some select products onto the blockchain. The METEX Exchange and the METEX team can help you in this transition, modernizing your product offer and allowing greater utility for your customers.  METEX is a young and motivated company and always seeks opportunities to grow together with existing operators in the metals industry.

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If you have the ability to help provide content or marketing exposure for the METEX Exchange then please reach out to our marketing team [email protected]