Crypto markets are known for their volatility but as stocks and some commodities join the rollercoaster ride, many of us are now wondering what assets are safe? One trend is clear, the recent economic uncertainly has meant many are turning to precious metals as a safe haven. In recent months Australian bullion dealers have been rushed off their feet and in some instances not able to keep up with the demand for physical gold.

For the average person, buying precious metals may be a new experience and could be a little daunting. Physical gold or silver ownership certainly requires some thought and planning around points such as; optimal purchase volume, logistics, storage and even insurance.

To reduce the complexities associated with owning precious metals, Ainslie have developed a solution that’ll help you “Balance your wealth in an unbalanced world”. As one of Australia’s largest bullion dealers, Ainslie Bullion have combined their 45+ years of experience together with blockchain technology to successfully tokenize gold and silver.

Known as Gold Standard and Silver Standard these two metal backed tokens each represent 1 gram of gold or silver bullion safely secured within Reserve Vault in Brisbane. This new product offer makes it extremely easy for anyone invest in gold or silver, and clients holding these digital tokens (AUS & AGS) can rest assured knowing their precious metal is safe, secure, independently verified and fully insured thanks to Ainslie.



“We’ve successfully combined the security, transparency, and efficiency of the blockchain with the world’s oldest and most trusted forms of monetary value in their physical form”  Paul Engeman – Ainslie Director

Metex is pleased to announce that both of these metal backed tokens will be available to trade on the new Metex Exchange alongside existing Platinum and Palladium token listings. Based in Australia, Metex is focused on the tokenization and trade of precious metals with the aim of improving global trade efficiencies and market reach for precious metals. This new exchange is a fully compliant online trading platform and allows anyone to buy, sell or trade metal backed tokens.


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“With the addition of Gold Standard and Silver Standard, the Metex Exchange is proud to launch with 4 unique metal backed tokens. We aim to make precious metals accessible to everyone and our metals exchange allows anyone to build wealth 1 gram at a time”   Andrew Sassi – Metex CEO

Metex Exchange is planned to launch June 2020 and will initially accommodate crypto trading pairs against these 4 metal tokens. Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Tether can all be deposited onto the exchange and easily traded into precious metals. Ethereum token holders must first trade into Tether or Bitcoin before being able to trade into metals.  A full summary of Metex exchange listings and their trading pairs can be viewed here. For users that don’t hold crypto currencies, Australian dollar trading pairs will soon be activated ensuring that everyone has the ability to easily trade tokenized metals.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of Metex Exchange and make sure to follow the Metex social accounts below. If you would like to learn more about Ainslie Bullion and their innovative solution, please ensure to watch this short video.

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