Some actions on the exchange may require you to first verify your account.
– Users who only trade between crypto and metal tokens will not be required to verify their identity. EG. User deposits Bitcoin and trades it into MxPd palladium tokens.
– Users who want to deposit, trade or withdraw using Australian dollars will first need to verify their identity and upload a Bank Statement verifying their address and bank account number. Financial information from the bank statement is not required.

Please note that Metex Exchange is a fully compliant trading platform and enforces KYC (know your customer) and AML (Anti money laundering) policies.
Our full policy can be seen here.

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Metex Exchange only lists blockchain native metal backed tokens that are full reserve. This means that each listed metal token is 100% backed by physical metal at all times.
Please check with each token issuer as to their specific processes related to;  minting, burning, auditing, physical redemption etc etc

AUS Gold Standard –  Managed by Ainslie Wealth
AGS Silver Standard –  Managed by Ainslie Wealth
MxPt Platinum – Managed by Metex Corp
MxPd Palladium – Managed by Metex Corp

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To learn more about these three crypto currencies please have a look at this helpful article. 

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The Metex Exchange currently supports deposit, trade and withdrawal of BitcoinEthereum, AUS Gold, AGS Silver, and USD Tether digital currencies and tokens.

Please note that Ethereum deposits must first be traded into USDT in order to trade against metal token pairs.

We are pleased to announce that we now accept Australian Dollars for deposit, trade and withdrawal. We have also added AUD trading pairs to the exchange.

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Please visit our Exchange Instructions page for user instructions.
If you require any assistance please use the options within the Support Page.

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The Metex Exchange currently lists 4 different metal backed tokens. These blockchain native tokens can be traded against crypto such as Bitcoin and USDT.
If you would like more details about these tokens please visit here. 

AUS = 1g Gold Token:  Gold Standard managed by Ainslie Wealth
AGS = 1g Silver Token:  Silver Standard managed by Ainslie Wealth
MxPt = 1g Platinum Token:  Managed by Metex Corp
MxPd = 1g Palladium Token:  Managed Metex Corp

Each of these tokens are listed against both Bitcoin and USDT (Tether) trading pairs.

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Metex Exchange is an online trading platform for buyers and sellers to exchange blockchain assets, specifically metal backed tokens. Tokenized metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium can be traded on this crypto friendly exchange. KYC account verification is only required for users who wish to trade tokens against $AUD (fiat).  Sign Up / Log In

To view the current exchange listings click here.

When trading on the Metex Exchange, you are trading with other online users. The details of your proposed trade, price and quantity, are manually input so you have full control. The price is influenced by the demand and supply from buyers and sellers on this exchange. The current price shown is the last price a buyer and a seller have agreed to exchange the crypto tokens. Metex does NOT derive metals prices from London Metals Exchange “LME” or London Bullion Market Association “LBMA”.


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