About Metex




Metex is an Australian registered company focused on building an ecosystem around the tokenization and trade of precious metals. Blockchain innovation has the power to disrupt traditional metals trading and make precious metals accessible to everyone. Metex is leveraging innovations in the blockchain space to help reduce the complexities and costs usually associated with trading precious metals.




Metex is proud to launch a new global exchange platform for metal backed tokens.  Open to all full reserve metal backed tokens, this global metals exchange challenges the traditional metals trading industry and aims to develop a more competitive and fair trading environment.

The Metex Global Metals Exchange brings retail investors the ability to buy, sell and trade the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, stable coins and tokenized precious metals. In a simple to use platform, users are able to buy and trade through our online platform using multiple cryptocurrency and AUD fiat pairings.

Metex Website   www.metex.exchange

Metex Global Metals Exchange  www.app.metex.exchange




Through the power of inventory Metex provides widespread access to metals ownership, otherwise out of reach to everyday retail investors. Metex handles all of the heavy lifting, taking care of the security and storage of precious and base metals. We believe mitigating the barriers of entry into these traditional markets is important and through blockchain technology we’re excited to provide this access to our users.

Metex currently manages the blockchain minting process and physical metal storage for both Platinum (MxPt) and Palladium (MxPd) tokens. These two Metex tokens are available for trade on the Metex Global Metals Exchange, alongside other tokens such as Gold and Silver.




Metex metal tokens are 1:1 backed by their physical counterparts. These physical assets are stored in a secure, offsite, commercial grade storage facilities and are subject to 24-hour personal security by some of the worlds most advanced surveillance systems. Routine inspection and third party published audits maintain a level of transparency and peace of mind for users of the Metex tokens.


& Insured


Token holders of both Metex Platinum (MxPt) and Metex Palladium (MxPd) should rest assured knowing that in addition to highly secure storage, physical vaulted metals representing MxPt and MxPd tokens are fully insured.